Sunday, October 13, 2013

What a wonderful week

Great things happened on...

Monday Oct 7th
My 1st niece was born! Her name is Rafaela, she is so cute and all the family is extremely happy with her arrival. What a blessing for all of us! 
No pics due to her parents' request! Sorry :)

My dear Rafaela is here!!! Love you :)

Tuesday Oct 8th
My b-day! I became 42 years old! Yeap... Life goes too fast! I had a fantastic day with my students at school, friends and colleagues at home and of course with my family.
I had one of the best gifts ever... my dear friend Ayat sang the Happy b-day song in Arabic! It's a tongue twister and I wish I could sing it!!! Shokran ya gamela!!! Ana ba7ebak awee! :)

Wednesday Oct 9th
Online interview with Miss Cintia Costa students. They are from the University of Belem, in the Brazilian Amazon's area. I talked about the resources I use in my classes and gave them some ideas about how to use the book with the resources mentioned. The students were so nice and some have started following me in Facebook!

Cintia Costa's blog

Slides of my presentation

Thursday Oct 10th
What a day!!! Two wonderful pieces of news...
Number one... I was nominated as one of the five individuals to be recognized at the EdInspire live ceremony held online as part of the Reform Symposium Free Online Conference. Again, my dear Ayat is "to blame" for this!!! She nominated me with such a lovely message!!!

My Nomination 

Number two... though this one is still "off-the-records", I will be the new Rotary Club Rio Tercero Secretary during the 2014-2015 period! Thanks "Pepe", the eligible president, for having trusted me (esp because I'm "brand new" in the club)

Friday Oct 11th
The RSCON4 Conference started. It gave me so much pleasure to listen to Sugata Mitra, who gave an amazing open ceremony. The expression that I loved the most was "Pedagogy needs to include the use of Internet". I totally agree as some educators are still in the "Stone Age" as far as technology is concerned!

Awesome sessions 

Saturday Oct 12th
What a fantastic day at RSCON4!! Ayat and I talked about our most precious project "ArgentEgypt", my dear colleague Marijana Smolcec talked about Facebook, Sam Patterson gave us a funny presentation about puppets and Miguel Mendoza opened our eyes to "Diverse and Disability". Of course, those were the sessions I attended. I wanted to attend more but due to time and some other activities... I'll check the recordings!

Sunday Oct 13th
EdInspire ceremony at RSCON4 where I officially got my "Honoree certificate", listened to Ayat talking about us and read wonderful comments about my job. I also want to congratulate the other 25 nominees and of course the other 4 winners "Fatem, Chaouwki, Vicky and Maggie". They are such great educators! Bravo!!

Such a great honor for me!!! 

So... this is it! Don't you agree with me... "What a wonderful week"!!!

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Yes, my friend, I do agree with you! You had a blast! I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations! :-)

    1. Brigada!! VocĂȘ es una minina muito generosa!! Beijinhos! :)

  2. Wow !! Congratsss for a wonderful week with amazing events!!you deserve all the best .... very happy for you .. love you ♥

    1. Shokran ya gamela!! I loveeeeeeee you a lot!!!! :)

  3. This is a great blog. I love it Maria. Soon you will be adding your new experience in the USA. I cannot wait to read it.

  4. Hi Mariel!!! Such a great surprise!! Thanks a bunch for your words!! I'm sure I'll be able to write about my experience in the US soon!!! Tons of smiles, your SK12 friend, Maria :)