Saturday, October 19, 2013


Reform Symposium Conference - 2013

It was such a great pleasure having attended the RSCON4 this year! I got there just by chance or better said, because I'm a member of "The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators" group. 

There I talked about one of my activities and projects with my dear Ayat Tawel from Egypt - "ArgentEgypt"- and Shelly Sanchez Terrell read it, liked it and invited us to participate in the conference as presenters.

It was a fantastic event; there were more than 100 presenters, tons of interesting topics and awesome educators from all around the globe.

I attended some sessions due to time difference, working time and sleeping time. They were marvelous as  I learnt a lot from all of the presenters. I cannot say "I like this much more than the other one" cause they were all great. What I can say is that I learnt, learnt and learnt!!!

To my surprise, Ayat nominated me as one of the EdInspired teachers, and much more surprised I was when I was told that I was one of the 5 "winners" so to speak!

I'm happy to have been there, to have listened to outstanding-ovation sessions and to have met excellent educators cause all that has given me more ideas to keep improving, to keep working and to keep saying "I love being an educator".

RSCON4 Presenters & Volunteers 

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  1. Nice post and nice job @ RSCON . You deserve that award and that fruitful time at the conference .. looking forward to reading your blog posts sharing your interesting experience everywhere !!
    All my love ♥