Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Selfie-Epic Adventure

How to meet your new students!

Some days ago, our teacher guru, Shelly Terrel shared with us a new challenge at the 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers... "Go on a selfie adventure". When I read about it, I thought it was a great idea to meet my new students next year.

However, I had a wonderful piece of news at school that same week... I had a new course. The new course is a 6th year at secondary school so I immediately remember the selfie adventure... that was the best way to know my new students! Why wait until 2016 to put it into practice if I could do it now?

I created my own selfie-adventure (though mine was not with selfies and you can see it here) and I also shared Shelly's adventure in our class Facebook group so students could see what they had to do.

Students liked the idea and I told them I would give them a mark for the "adventure". The objective is not to give a mark for the pictures but for the comments they can write in English.

From the moment I told them the idea until the deadline day, I received all the "selfie-adventures" via mail and private messages in my Facebook account. I watched each of the PPTs so I could check mistakes and of course, have fun with the pictures.

I had a fantastic time because I learnt not only about my students but also about new apps which I had never heard before.

In case you want to see the productions, you can see them all here and you can also leave a message if you feel like!

Thanking smiles to Shelly, for her creative idea!! 

My Epic Selfie Adventure