Monday, January 27, 2014

DISNEY... what does it mean?

Let's make our classes more DISNEY like :)

When it's time to study, sometimes, it's boring time but today... it was creative time, at least for me!

As part of the online course I'm taking at the University of Oregon, "TESOL Methods", I had to discuss Bloom's Taxonomy. Within the discussion thread, one of my colleagues Mrs. Nunene from Nairobi told us about the WALT and WILF acronyms. WALT is "we are learning to" and WILF is "what I'm looking for".

When I read the post, I thought of adding the picture of Walt Disney so as to make it funnier. However, after reflecting on that, I came to the conclusion that having his picture was going to be boring. So... what happened? Another acronym came to my mind... DISNEY!!!

What is DISNEY? It's something we - teachers - should do in class!

Discipline We all want our students to keep quiet and calm. They can move around, play, sing, among others, but, keeping discipline. 

Interest We want our students to be interested in what we all do, so, we must make our class interesting for them and they have to keep the interest by asking questions, participating...
Sociability We are social human beings, we need to be in contact with others so.. talking to each other and collaborating with each other has to be a "must" inside our class
KNowledge As the "k" sound is "silent", I decided to add this word. I guess that "knowledge" is what we expect from our students :)
Entertainment We don't need to be clowns nor our students but... we have to make our classes as much entertaining and motivating as possible, don't you agree? :)
enjoYment Both our students and we have to enjoy our classes; if not, then, it will be disappointing and boring. Each time our students see us, will say "Arrgh... English again"!
I know that DISNEY is not new for tons of experienced teachers; I just liked the idea of playing with words!

Thanks for reading! Smiles, Maria :)

The castle is our classroom, where DISNEY happens


  1. When you wish upon a star...Oh, sorry too much Disney in my life since I was...a mother for the first time? No way!. Long, long time ago!
    Maria, you have just showed me that creativity has no limits and this post a piece of extremely "Creative" Art.
    I agree with you on every item you have just explained, we don´t need to be clowns to entertain our students but they do need fun, engaging activities, new challenges and some motivation to come to class! Is that all? Of course it is not!

  2. Thanks for having taken some time to read and make comments! Tons of smiles!!! :)

  3. WOW MarĂ­a, so inspiring!! I love your posts.

  4. I still love #Disney, and I simply love how you posted the explanations in a very useful way, so #DISNEY became and acronim. Having fun in class with discipline and learning is the best thing a teacher can do and I am sure your students always profit from your teaching! :)

  5. Glad you liked it Marijana!! I'm not a great blogger so... I try to post interesting ideas "once in a blue moon"!! Kisses, Maria :)