Sunday, September 22, 2013

Engage Rotary, Change lives

Being part of a Rotary International 

Last May 24th, I became a Rotary International member at the Rotary Club Rio Tercero Asociacion Civil, district 4815. After 56 years, I had the honor and pleasure to be the 1st woman to enter the institution in my hometown.

Our President Eduardo Poletti putting the Rotary pin

I had been participating in RI as my parents were active members for some time, so I knew what Rotary was and meant in a person's life.

Service and friendship are two of the top words within Rotary world. Tons of projects are organized and fulfilled, being "End Polio Now" the most famous.

After having had my Rotary ID, I started participating actively in RI website and I've become of the the 1st "early adopters" of the new site. There, I began using the "group discussions" where I met other fellow Rotarians and started friendly conversations with people from around the globe.

Thanks to those interactions, I participated in an e-meeting and I've become member of lots of Facebook groups related to RI. What's most, I met wonderful people like Rachid, Lydia and Amelita.

Rotary Banner e-club District 9220 - Thanks Rachid and Lydia! :)

I have a lot to learn, I have a lot to give and I have a lot to share. I've opened my own group discussion in "My Rotary" page, I've represented my club in some hometown activities and I'll be attending a meeting in Buenos Aires.

I represented my Club when the journalist Fernando Colautti presented his book called "Rio Tercero tiene historia" at the local library Justo Jose de Urquiza

Thanks Rotary International for giving me the chance to open my life to new ideas and to new relations.

I can say that I'm a "Proud Member" of Rotary International. 

Thanks Dad for having showed me what Rotary is


  1. Wow Maria,
    I love your enthusiasm and motivation to make a difference.In any society, people need such great models like you to help others to move forward.

    Congrats, my dear and keep up the great work!

    1. Dear Azhar!
      Shokran ya gamela!!! Rotary is not only engaging but also changing my personal and professional life.
      Smiles, Maria :)

  2. Dear Maria,
    You are making a huge difference in education! I bet Rotary is very proud of having you as a member!
    Cintia :-)

    1. Dear Cintia!
      Brigada minina!!! I'm doing my best to help Education, Educators and students to get a much better and engaged future. Rotary is sharing its potential!
      Smiles, Maria :)

  3. Felicitations Maria . Vous m avez donné l envie de vous joindre au Rotary International .Dites moi comment devenir membre SVP ? J espere que ce n 'est pas chér :)

    1. Merci mon ami!!!! Je suis contente avec Rotary International!!! You can be part of any Rotary Club, both f2f or virtual. It's not expensive as you pay a monthly fee which is fixed by the club you belong to.
      If you are really interested, I can contact you with my dear Rotarian friend Rachid who belongs to a virtual club near your area. I'll also send a private message to your inbox so I can give you more details.
      I'd be extremely happy if you become a Rotarian!! Our institution would benefit a lot from and with a such a gentleman like you!!
      Tons of smiles, Maria :)