Thursday, February 3, 2011

My BaW2011 Survey! :)

Let's see if this works! I'm trying this for the 1st time :)
You have the link on your right side, I'll be more than happy if you can take it! Smiles, Maria :)


  1. I have completed the survey, you gave me a great idea for posting my exercise I have made online for my students on Discovery Channel but they cannot be saved on that page just printed, now I can post it on the blog and all the bawers can check them!

  2. Hi Marijana!! Thanks!! To be honest, I just created the survey so as to learn how to do it, that's why the questions are not "that deep or relevant". I haven't tried Disocvery Channel yet as it's too much for my "brians" (:D) but for sure I'll do it ASAP!
    I accepted your facebook request so we'll be connected there, too!
    Have a nice weekend, smiles, M :)

  3. Don't worry Maria, it's too much for my brains too. My head is spinning with all the new things I have learned. It will take me a year to process all of this we've learned on Baw2011 and Creating VOcabulary activity! :)

  4. Nice Marijana!!! I read your post in the BaW wiki and if you want, we can exchange mails with our students. Just let me know!
    You know... I also joined the Creating Vocabulary session but I didn't like it as there was not communication as we have it in here. A friend of mine also quitted for the same reason. Maybe it was our impression!
    My dear... hope to keep on learning and sharing with you a lot of school adventures!! Smiles, Maria :)

  5. Hi, I answered your survey and added your blog to those I follow. However, I have not created my blog yet myself, just the one for school. I have created wikis so far. But will do soon. Svetlana

  6. Hi Svetlana!!! Thanks for having done so!! I'm still learning how to do all this!! I'll be more than happy to share my school, wikis and blogs' experiences with you and the rest of the bawers!! Smiles, Maria :)

  7. Maria,
    Can you help me please? I know you got advice on how to upload the flagcounter and clock to your blog and I can't find the advice now. Can you please send it? Svetlana

  8. Hi Svetlana!!
    It's my pleasure to help you as I got the incredible help of Fernanda!!
    Go to "design", you will see your page and a lot of "gadget" words. That means that you can click there and a lot of things can be added. When you click there, roll down until you get "JAVA/HTML" (I guess), click in the "+" sign and you'll have to copy the URL of the site you want to add. To add the clock, click on my "pig" and it will lead you to the site, choose among alllllllll the possibilities until you like one, when you are ready, click on the "get the URL" and then, you paste it in the "JAVA stuff here in Blogspot". As far as the "My visitors" and "Flag counter" I did the same. Or you can go to the "gadgets" here, and roll down all the options.
    If all this doesn't work... send me a private mail or contact me via Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Facebook. Maybe via talking is much more easier!!!
    I'll me more than happy to keep you helping! Yesterday I got Larisa's help with the Elluminate log in for this week as I couldn't do it for Rubena's session last week!
    Please, let me know if this worked for you!
    Smiles, Maria :)

  9. Thank you soooo much. You are very sweet. I already uploaded the flags thanks to Larissa, now I will attempt the clock following your advice.

  10. OK, Maria, thanks again, it worked. Am working on my blog, gadgets first, then content. Hahaha. But you know what it's like, one wants to try out things first.

  11. Great!! Thumbs up!!!! I knew you could do it!! Now comes my question.... how do I post the URLs so when you click on them, they lead you to the site I click? Do you undertand my question? Hope so :)