Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm very proud today!! I learnt how to add the Twitter widget to this site!
Jennifer and me at Pro.T in February 2010
Thanks Jenny for your interest and support!!!


  1. Hello Maria,
    That is a nice blog. I liked to see your picture with Jennifer. If it is Jen Verschoor She is a great online friend of many of us. I have never met her f2f and really have never seen her picture.
    Congratulations on your share buttom achievement.

    All the best

  2. Hi Jose! Yes, she is Jennifer Verschoor! We met last year in February. She has become a good friend, esp in FCBK! At that time, we really had a good time together with other 2 ladies!
    Thanks for your encouragement! I still need to keep on practising as there are some "gadgets" I don't know how to manage! Smiles, Maria :)